/ Objectives

The overall objectives of our project build on the policy priorities of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships, as they are:

  1. Objectives/priorities for adult education:
    • Re-skilling, up-skilling literacy, numeracy and digital skills and civic competences: Money & Life Skills will have strong focus in improving numeracy, digital, and financial skills, while indirectly it will also improve the users’ language and reading skills;
    • Access to Open Educational Resources in Education and Training: Money & Life Skills will be fully deployed through open and free access online tools and mediums such an e-learning platform, mobile applications, online games, social media, multimedia applications and networking;
    • Modernize HE systems – access to adults: The Money & Life Skills online modules will be accredited based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), where each module will have a certain number of ECTS credits, in order to secure easy integration in education systems;
    • Awareness raising: Money Skills will be supported by a wide awareness raising campaign through social media, multimedia, dissemination seminars and conferences.
  2. Objectives/priorities relevant to all fields:
    • Development of basic and transversal skills: Money & Life Skills will directly improve not only digital skills, basic mathematics and financial skills of young adults, it will indirectly also improve their language and reading skills and civic competences. This will be of special importance for migrants;
    • Promotion of Innovative and learner-centred pedagogical approaches: Money & Life Skills will deploy innovative, learner-centred, ICT based pedagogical approaches that are based on the self-interest of the students;
    • Development of appropriate assessment and certification methods through support of summative assessment methods. Online certificates will be provided to the learners upon completion of each module, accredited by the training institutions of the Money & Life Skills consortium;
    • Provision of tangible learning outcomes: The learning outcomes will immediately become visible in the everyday life of the young adults;
    • Validation of non-formal and informal learning: Money & Life Skills encompasses a series of components related to non-formal and informal learning such as access to online data and games, use of multimedia, forums and social networks. The partners will validate these activities and provide online certificates to the users.