Consider adopting pet instead of buying it

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Consider adopting pet instead of buying it

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly limited our mobility and changed our daily life. On the other hand, the phenomenon of animal homelessness still exists and is not decreasing. Every day, the organizations and institutions receive new animals: lost, abandoned or taken away.

The epidemic and its effects affect not only us humans but also hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats. Many animals stayed in shelters. Time has not stopped in these places. Their employees take care of their charges every day, feed them, take them out, and provide the necessary veterinary treatments. All this with a significantly weakened resources. Due to precautionary measures, voluntary activities have been suspended, and the centers do not conduct visits and open days campaigns encouraging adoption. Additionally, they face financial problems. Most of them live on the support of people – donations from private persons and companies. Due to the current epidemiological situation, they have been very much limited or almost completely stopped.

Is adoption possible?

Adoption is carried out with special precautionary principles, and the adoption procedure is adapted to the current situation. When deciding to adopt an animal, you may first meet with filling out a questionnaire, participating in a pre-adoption video interview, as well as the need to consent to a personal post-adoption meeting after the end of epidemiological restrictions. Each organization introduces its own rules and changes to the adoption processes.

Conscious and responsible adoption is always a good idea, which we encourage especially now that centers are overloaded and have limited support, and we have a limited budget as well.